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Jozi Foodhall Bonanza

April 2, 2013

Faux Friday! TFFFF – get your tongue round that one, yes. So a draining but semi-productive week had to, simply had to end on a semi-high. Easter, chocolate eggs & bunny hunting meant a short week – *grateful*. Thursday decided that it would also like to reap some of the Friday glory – it was christened Faux Friday. FF also symbolised the final day at the work building for the last of my third floor seated friends – bye bye @NataliePool *sad face*. No more sunshine chat breaks for me, I am now truly alone. But one must celebrate others career growth, especially forging into the world of digital agencies from the publishing world. Oh yes one absolutely must…

How did the @NataliePool wish to celebrate her bye bye day from said company? Well with a visit to ‘home’ aka @FoundryCafe – hello ‘home’. One must indulge in some Bone Crusher to begin such celebrations. Us being the part-time hipsters that we like to think we are (we try, we try) decided that a night with the cool kids in downtown Jozi was the right thing to do. Of course it was.

That’s my girl, get in there.
Crushing on the Crusher.

We skipped from ‘home’ & were Joe Slovo highway bound to hipster fest. Wow.Zers. Ja, mass exodus out of Jozi town towards the Durban town. Easter traffic – fail, a 15 minute fail at least *Jozi has a damn fine inner city view though*. So we eventually passed the beach hungry masses & arrived at Fox Street in the Maboneng Precinct. A bit of an illegal yellow line park & we swayed towards POPart studio @POPArtJHB. The word POP is in there – a collective space for well… collections – art, exhibits, performances, other rad stuffs (situated between the Bioscope & Pata Pata). Were we in the right place? Of course we were. We walked straight towards the lace, frock wearing gals & skinny, corduroy clad boys. We were in hipsterville. Handed a ‘would you like some lime juice with your tequila’ kind of margarita. What a delight.


*POP* went my heart.
So this Foodhall vibe… A random & sporadic gathering of gatherers, started by the head gatherer himself – Jono Hall. Now Jono is one of those hipster feeders who just wants to share his food obsession with the masses. The first official Foodhall had to have a theme – had to. One clue… Ariba… Shout it with me people – ARIBA! Mexican was the money that evening. Two hundred & fifty bucks was the pop of cash moneys one flashed. A three course meal of Mexican delight, with creative banter thrown in for free on offer…
Jono Hall popping his cork.

The space was all kinds of art edgy – candles sitting nice in Heineken & tequila bottles (eco yes), just setting the mood. Card tags with the appropriate Twitter & Instagram hashies ## – but of course. Faux tashtastic devices littered the tables. The masses were seated & introductions made at an intimate table of 25. It was all so… city’ish, so trendy without the complicated fuss, so… everything I imagined my adult faux Friday evenings would always be. Jono had his cooking station set up behind the table that was flanked on either side by two mirrors – how very other dimension’esque. Cesaria Evora who I have been obsessed with for so many years (I don’t obsess easily) wafted about via speakers.

Of course
Magic hands. Magic.


Just tash’ing with Ms @loftyrox

This is what followed….

How to fold a tortilla instruction manual – so kind.
The corn spectacular.

By the end of the evening I felt like a food baby was imminent. Was I high on food, on Mexican style corn? What was this lethargic feeling? Negative on all of that, the tunes had shifted. What did this remind me of? I looked at @NataliePool – she looked at me & we blurted “Love Boat!”. Yes, that was it; the tunes made us feel like we were on the Love Boat, minus a hunky captain or two in toight, white captain uniform. Absolutely amazing. Atmosphere – bang on Jono, bang on.


For more information on Jono’s next leeetle Foodhall… well somebody will know somebody who will know. Or if you holla at the lovely ladies at I’m pretty sure they’ll lend a helping hand. Because every person living in Jozi must experience eating in an arty space, amongst others wearing lace frocks & a skinny jean or corduroy pant, while passing platters of food around & discussing which agency or media house they are from – one absolutely must!
& Love Boating. & that.

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