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Froyo – The Myog Way.

January 23, 2017

Eeeeeeee! That squeal of delight is due to:

  1. I love, love, LOVE living in the neighborhood I grew up in. Cape Town really is agreeing with my family (& me).
  2. My Baby Bun is so into the beach (I’m so happy) – you can’t get him out of the water. Being an ex Camps Bay High girl means I see many Summer days spent catching some waves in his future.
  3. FROYO. FROYO, FROYO, FROYO! The fact that Myog is literally a few minutes down the road & is open until 00:00pm! It’s easy to get your 98% fat (& added sugar) free frozen yoghurt treat (the plain flavour anyway). I can’t resist a half half of peanut butter & plain.  Don’t get me started on the coconut flavour though… (YUM).


Myog is the first call when my Bun wants a frozen treat – those live & probiotic cultures are an added bonus & the staff at the Sea Point branch are always so lovely to him (thank you for being so lovely to my Bun).

So, if you’re planning on taking an evening Summer promenade walk anytime soon & the craving for something a little indulgent hits… Say hello to your new best Froyo friend – it won’t make you feel like you cheated on your diet.

The Point Center
76 Regent Road
Sea Point

021 433 2110

Happy Froyo Indulging x

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