All About Pass The Salt

Hi, I’m Leila, a professional food stylist, food and lifestyle writer and blogger too. I started Pass The Salt years ago when I was a young twenty-something Food Editor, who loved to eat out and attend the trendiest events within the food and drinks industry. I still enjoy all of those things, except I’m now a thirty-something mom with two young children who switches the kettle on for a cup of tea or coffee, as opposed to a tequila shot or two. Pass The Salt has certainly evolved into a family-orientated space, highlighting child-friendly establishments and travel experiences. I still focus on all of the delicious treats I create in my kitchen too but what is life without a fantastic nibble or two?

I’m a little more grey, a lot more tired and definitely a little softer around the edges, but I love that Pass The Salt is a space that shows how my little meander through the internet has evolved.

I’ve worked with some incredible local and international brands over the years and can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for Pass The Salt.

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