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On The Hunt For The Best Burgers In Cape Town: Easy Tiger In Muizenberg

November 2, 2019

I’ve been meaning to get this post done for a while now. This family LOVES burgers. We dig them big time. Because we like them so much, we started our own little burger rating system and decided to document all of the really decent (good, great burgers) that we come across in Cape Town. We’re a family of simple burger tastes. We prefer a more classic US Smash Style burger – thin patties, smashed on a grill, with minimal to no seasoning. We’re talking a sprinkling of salt and pepper at the most here. Gourmet burgers aren’t our vibe – bigger certainly isn’t better in our books and loaded with toppings is just a distraction from:

  1. Good quality meat.
  2. Using the correct cuts of meat for grinding with the perfect fat-to-lean-meat ratio.
  3. The bun. Oh please, for the love of all things HAMBURGER, stop using rubbish buns. A great burger bun has to have enough muscle to hold the patty but enough bounce to keep it from being an airy bit of cardboard, unable to keep its package in place. Sesame seeds – always, with the slightest hint of sweetness to the bread. 
  4. I said it before (just a few lines up in fact) and I’ll say it (shout it again). Keep the toppings simple. 

Have you been to Easy Tiger in Muizenberg? We took a drive out (we do that a lot, don’t we?) to Muizenberg for Ash to watch some of the surfing (beach boy bum deluxe). By the time we arrived we were starving, it was late morning but we figured we’d combine breakfast and lunch into one and go for burgers. Ash is always stoked when it’s burgers for supper (homemade, we really aren’t big on take-aways), except the little dude wanted to eat on the beach but I knew that was a sand fest waiting to happen. So nope, we decided to sit and eat, restaurant style.

Ja, Easy Tiger who forms part of the Tiger’s Milk franchise did OK. Actually, they did pretty good. I totally loved the beachside vibe. We tend to spend as much time on the beach as possible. As mentioned, Ash is a total beach bum, so beach and burgers is a winning combo in our opinion. Like I said before, we operate with a KISS approach to burger consumption (that would be, Keep It Simple Stupid). I went for a cheese burger. Nic went for a cheese burger. But I’ll be upfront about this now, Nic, my doll, the father of my babies has a cheese sauce problem. A slice of cheese would never suffice on a cheese burger, he needs the cheese ramped up and so, he always either orders an additional cheese slice or a portion of cheese sauce on the side. Because fries love to go swimming too. Gotta say, gotta say, Easy Tiger did a pretty good job, not only on the burgers but the fries too, which usually always seems to be an after thought at these restaurants. They were crisp, they weren’t swimming in oil and weren’t overly salted either. Maybe the view played a role in the taste being good, who knows, but I do know this, it was a really tasty patty and all additional ingredients such as the sliced red onions and burger buns were really fresh too.

The black and white tiles tie into the Tiger’s Milk franchising and I liked the surfer pics hanging from the walls. If you really can’t be drawn too far away from the beach but don’t want a side of sand with your food, grab some of the outside high table seating -it`s the best of both worlds.

So the next time you head to the Burg, pop into Easy Tiger for some beach burger nourishment, your burger cravings will thank me for it.

Happy Beach & Burger Days x 

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