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Cushty Neighbourhood Deli In Green Point: It’s A Real Gem

July 23, 2018

Those who follow my Instagram page on the regular would know that Nic, Ash & I usually hit the Oranjezicht City Farmers Market every Saturday. A spot of breakfast and to get our weekly farmers market produce – it’s the norm for us. Well, we opted for something different this past weekend. I’d been following Cushty Neighbourhood Deli via their IG account since they opened (about three months back). It’s so lovely and charming and makes for  a great weekend walk down to Green Point… Think we might have found our new neighbourhood local…

Tucked away in a quiet street in Green Point, it’s best to arrive early as it seems others have now cottoned on to the fact that Cushty Neighbourhood Deli is that spot that becomes your local, where everybody knows your name (cheesy? maybe, yet very true)… The service is relaxed and best of all for us, they are super kiddo-friendly too, being ever so sweet to our little Ashie Bun.

Tables are situated on the little patio, with a few inside too. There are deli items on display for purchase inside the store – cured meats, jams, spreads, hot sauces, pasta, breads…I also think they are serving one of the best Eggs Bennie’s around. Nic had the Eggs Bennie and told me so. He always has the Eggs Bennie, he’s a seasoned pro at that order & I have to say, it did look super scrummy. I opted for my usual preggie breakfast go-to: scrambled eggs, toast, bacon – it was good. Ash slurped down a delish hot choccie *I had to test it to make sure it wasn’t too hot, OK?!*. Super food smoothies are also on offer, as well as a host of other breakfast choices – I will totally be ordering the Cushty Classic on our next visit. PSA: ask for some of Mr Pukkha’s Mild Green Jalapeno Chilli Sauce to accompany your eggs – yaaaaasssss!

Best you pop down to Cushty early because like I said, it seems like this secret little gem won’t be kept a secret for too much longer…

Happy Eggs Bennie Ordering! x 


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