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  • Visit your restaurant or wine farm
  • Sample a product
  • Arrange trips or reviews
  • Highlight any events, pop-up’s or festivals that are relevant to the blog
  • For press drops, media releases or invites

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Blog Policy:

(Copyright): Images & content of Pass The Salt Blog belong solely to Leila Saffarian of as well as any attached social media platforms on Facebook (@SaltPassBlog), as well as Instagram (pass_the_salt_blog). Please request permission before making use of any content. Credit Pass The Salt accordingly once written permission has been received.

Press releases: Thank you for sending information about events, new spaces and products, it’s fantastic being able to stay in the loop. Unfortunately, I won’t post material on events that have taken place where I wasn’t invited – defeats the purpose of using my platform to present informed content that I have experienced. I’m also not a copy & paste kind of writer. Content will always be written in my own tome and style and I do prefer using my own imagery as much as possible.

Media Drops: Always delightful, if applicable to the blog. It’s best to contact me first before sending goods. A media drop will not guarentee a blog post but could receive a mention on another social media platform (Instagram or Facebook).

With Regards to “All The Delicious Things”: I will highlight when I have been invited by a particular establishment as their guest and have not paid for the experience. A post will follow if what I experienced was something I feel Pass The Salt readers would enjoy.

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