I Ate Something Delicious Here

There’s more to enjoying a meal than simply sitting at a table in a restaurant and picking up a menu. That’s just one aspect of the experience.

If I liked what I ate, had a good time and cleared my plate with ease, you’ll certainly read about it here. Being a  mom, I mostly visit spots that are child-friendly and family-orientated. Did the restaurant, wine farm or venue have easy access for prams? Is there a kiddies menu? Are the bathrooms clean and tidy with changing facilities? Were high chairs available?

These are just a few of the aspects that make dining out with children not only enjoyable, but an absolute treat. If Pass The Salt has been invited to an establishment as a guest – that information will always be highlighted and mentioned within the blog post to ensure a fair and accurate account of our experience.

See you soon for a few nibbles  x


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