Eating Out

Fabrica Do Prego: Portuguese Prego In Sea Point.

Friday night and it’s nearing supper time. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – I DON’T LIKE TAKE-AWAYS. I do not. At least 98% of the time they are awful. Cold once delivered and more often than not, the order is…

February 25, 2020

Easy Souvlaki Dinner And A Zucchini Tzatziki.

No intro needed to this post other than… EASIEST DINNER EVER! A Souvlaki Supper is always a favourite in our home. Ash particularly loves the mini pita breads that he can stuff with all of the bits and bobs – easy holding for little…

February 23, 2020
Family-Friendly Restaurants

The Gardener’s Cottage In Newlands.

It’s Saturday morning, the weather is good, the kids are fairly snottiness-free (thanks school germs), we all had a pretty decent nights sleep. The usual question of “what should we do today?” is bound to pop up. Hold on, wait for it, wait for…

February 4, 2020