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Coffee In My Cup – Origin Goes All Maboneng Precinct On Us #likebutton

July 8, 2013

Coffee… What can I say – I’m a bitch without the stuff – my first morning cup anyway. Don’t speak to me, don’t look at me. Just don’t. Thank bitter chocolate for coffee. My personality rates fairly high once I’ve had my AM dose. 

As I’m the resident Capetonian in the city I now love – Jozi Town, I was well stoked when I saw the ‘rad space’ that errrybody’s been talking about at Market on Main. New space happens to be the new home of the Origin coffee okes. Yup, Cape Town coffee is in the building. 


Despite suffering serious FOMO at the insane space they occupy *LET ME SHOOT AT YOUR SPOT* (not screaming – just pure excitement envy)… The happy feeling of having a bit of Cape Town’ness about… well it made me – happy. Cape Town in Jozi, kind of like the best of both worlds, almost like a savoury cheese chocolate – but not.

Origin also makes you seat your sweet little bottoms on crates *I’m so glad that mine is soft & cushy* & they believe in the power of my favourite colour – turquoise. Random turquoise paint swishes about everywhere – everywhere – not really everywhere, more on a random table or two – but still.


So if you enjoy feeling like you’re in some kewl urban spot vibe, need a dose of caffeine in your face to get the personality going, love a bit of banter with okes who make your brew, generally have a soft spot for the colour turquoise & sharing tables is part of who you are – go say hi to Origin in their new Jozi coffee home. Go on.

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