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Lone Wolf? Go & Find The Wolfpack

August 23, 2013

So all the kewl kids of Jozi were getting super hyped this past weekend for the opening of the latest ‘It Spot’ to hit the Parkies strip – The Wolfpack has arrived. Won’t lie, I was pretty squeaky about it myself on the Twirreeer. I knew Wolf would involve beer & burgers & I’m easy like that – I was sold.


My second last week at Food & Home is in full swing. The mag will be going to print the week after which meant farewell lunch had to be brought forward. We were all down with that – the calm before the storm. “Leils, where would you like to have your lunch?”. WOLFPACK! Sometimes one just has to be so hip & trendy like that. Other times you just want to surprise a new restaurant by having the entire team of a foodie mag rock up. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem though, The Wolfpack is the baba of those pros from Cnr Cafe in Craighall Park.


*Every wolf who exits the pack gets their own cover – see what I did there…*


We rocked up. I fell in like with the walls. *Wolves + Branding + Little Red Riding Hood in urban get-up – just yes* I had something to Tweet about, a Citizen Alliance was ordered – life was all sorts of damn good really. The menu had me at… Wolf… Words like Harissa, lamb, chickpeas, sweet potato fries, humus, garlic aioli & then hello… The Big Bad Wolf *awooooooooooh – howling babie* Cheddar cheese, crispy (I said crispy) pancetta, wasabi rings, jalapenos, garlic aioli, pineapple… damn – marry me. Served on a board & fries in a bamboo cone – almost like this burger place was trying to woo me. I ate it all, I ate the whole thing. Delicious. I haven’t had such a tasty burger in Jozi in a long time.


Bellies full, it was time for the teary stuff, goodbye speeches *sigh*. Showing emotion after a Big Bad Wolf – is this supposed to happen? To hold back the drizz aka tears, I attacked the brown paper roll on the wall. If anybody reading this decides to trot on over to find The Pack – you’ll see my wall dominance – yes. you. will. 


Craft beer selection – *winna winna burger dinna* – Citizen, Aces, Jack Black & more… Thirst quenching won’t be a problem here.

So I came with a pack & left with a pack. Final Food Editor meal – winning & super trendy. I couldn’t have asked for more.


Find the pack here: 21, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Jozi Town

Ring Ring: 011 447 7705

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