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When People Make Me Sing(ha) For My Supper

May 20, 2013

Saturday. It rained in Jozi. Odd. Kind of felt like Cape Town. But Not. Also did the drinks vibe in Parkies because that’s what one does on a Saturday. In the rain. We started at George’s on 4th in their upstairs bar…

One G&T later & we were all happy. We were kind of happy. But then. We got hungry. Dim + Sum & sushi was on the cards. Unfortunately for us, YUME was having an early close due to the weather *I have to point out that in CT this would never happen. People are troopers. If it rains – you cover your head & get on with it – mission out in that rain*. But. Jozi doesn’t understand yet. But they will. 

We went next door to @SimplyAsia_SA where things were buzzing *they recently got their liquor license I heard* We felt like kings, ordering baskets of dim + sum & platters of spring + rolls. I did love all the chili condiments – *Chili whore. Kind of like a Woohoo Girl. But not.* I chose the 514. Purely because of the beef. I also just liked the way 514 rolled over my tongue when I ordered it. There were also Singha beers that suddenly appeared out of nowhere which made us a bit Singha(ish). 

Then there was some sort of chocolate spring + roll & fried banana on plates that also arrived. Who was making all of these food plates appear?! They were accompanied with that ice-cream stuff. I heard ‘!mmmmmm guurrrl!’ next to me when one of those choccie spring + rolls were mouth popped. 

Ja @SimplyAsia_SA we franchised it on that cold & rainy Saturday in Jozi Town. We have to say, you treated us right & warmed us up – in so many ways, so damn many. *take us to your chili leader – now* Done.

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