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Casalotti’s Says Order Your Pizza Online.

November 10, 2015

*Everybody. This post was supposed to have gone out yesterday, as you will soon read. But I had a baby who needed to be taken to hospital, so things got a little side-tracked*

Monday!!! Hope everybody had the most delicious weekend. Relaxed. Enjoyed the sunshine. But it is Monday (sorry). There is an upside to this Monday though… I’m going to make this short, sharp & snappy. But trust me, it’ll brighten your day.

Our friends at Casalotti’s were keeping a host of bloggers intrigued with emails. These emails were all about a soon-to-be launched online ordering system. You read that right, you can now order online (Casalotti’s, making life even simpler, one pizza at a time). There were a few teething problems so we were asked to test the new system out. OK!

It works like this; you log onto the Cassalotti’s site, click Order Online, decide which store you want your pizza glory to come from, register as a user, order, hit send. And done. You’ll receive an sms & an email with an order number & exactly what it is you have asked the Casalotti’s crew to create for you. EASY.


It launches today – no more Monday Blues.

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Free delivery is offered within a 5km radius, otherwise, opt to collect yourself (I like seeing all those smiling Casalotti faces). For those who want an even easier time, there’s now a Casalotti’s app that does the same job (pizza tech-savvy).

Click here to grab your own online pizza pie >>


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