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Ice Cream Daze. The Creamery In Mouille Point.

January 17, 2017

Is there anything better than a salty, sea air walk, followed by a scoop of really, really (REALLY) good ice cream? Maybe there is but for my little family & I that’s about as good as it gets these days.

Cape Town is really agreeing with my Bun – he loves his scooter rides & toddler meet & greets (it’s a real thing) in the Green Point Park. He’s also developed a liking for ice cream – he asks for it in the sweetest way too – “Ice Keen mamma”. Bun isn’t the only one enjoying the cold cream, I’ve indulged in more scoops of “Ice Keen” in the past while than I’ve consumed in my whole life – oh well.

Creamery 1

Everybody already knows about The Creamery but we only had our first scoop a week or two ago. Yup, it’s good, especially after running after a BUSY toddler in the park. Naturally, we timed our visit to fall into the exact same moment Bun had his most epic tantrum yet (oops – sorry people who were in there with no kids). Anyway. The sound of R35 per scoop might sound heavy but they are massive – one scoop equals the size of my head (rough proportion measure). The 65% Chocolate was dreamy & eaten in record time thanks to the toddler meltdown. Classic flavours include: Sea Salt Caramel, Peanut Butter, Rosetta Roastery Coffee, Sweet Cream & of course, the above mentioned chocolate. There are monthly flavours too! There’s still time to grab some of the January greats such as: Granadilla Choc Chip (the flavour of the month), Peanut Butter Pieces, Watermelon & others.

Creamery 2

So if you’re walking. running, scooter’ing or are a frazzled mom trying to recover from your park trip or just want to be part of Cape Town’s most Instagram’able ice cream squad… The Creamery is there to make things a little happier & sweeter for you.

Park Road, Mouille Point

021 434 2455

Happy Ice Cream Scooping x

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