There’s A Frozen Chocolate Kiwi On My Stick #14daysofZespriSA

September 16, 2013

*Warning* What I’m about to blog about is highly addictive – highly. The brain freeze is worth it though – all worth it!

I’ll make this quick & snappy & fast – it is Moanday after all… For my next #14daysofZespriSA challenge I combined choccie with the kiwi fruit – oh yeah.

I made these super easy, super delicious, super chocolatey’ish on a stick kiwi things. They’re frozen & zesty & more’ish & I guess… they’re like some sort of super healthy treat or a great little after dinner on the couch, nibble thing. Beats chowing down a huge, sickly sweet ice-cream – guess what – no guilt. Well I didn’t feel any anyway.


Frozen Chocolate Kiwi Fruit – On Sticks

*wooden ice-cream sticks*

4 kiwi fruit, peeled & thickly sliced

1 slab dark chocolate, melted

Place a wooden stick into each kiwi slice & dip into the melted chocolate, coating both sides. Place the dippers onto baking paper & place in the freezer for 1 hour or until frozen. Then… chow down.

Sprinkle a few with chopped nuts or shaved coconut for added rad’ness.





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