Bakers Biscuits: Mint Choc Romany Cream Truffles!

September 30, 2016

Because it’s Friday, it seemed like the ideal time to post something a little indulgent. It’s been a hard enough week, we all deserve a treat! I received a goodie bag of the new Bakers, 1kg Romany Creams – yes, these biccies are now available in family-sized bags. Oh & yes, you read that headline right, I said Mint Choc Romany Creams!

Now as much as I love a biscuit with a good cup of tea, I love a delicious truffle just as much. I had a few spare ingredients left over from a shoot & decided that it was time for the Romany Cream to be transformed. Enter the Romany Cream Truffle. Sweet, crunchy & yes, a definite treat. These bites can easily be whipped up in large quantities, for those weekends when you find yourself entertaining the masses.


Here’s what I used & how I did it….

400g Mint Choc Romany Creams

4-6 tbsp of store-bought frosting

1 cup of cocoa powder

1 Place the biscuits in a food processor & pulse to form crumbs (I kept mine with quite a few chunks in the mixture).

2 Transfer the crumbs to a large bowl & add the frosting (start with 4 tbsp & add another 1-2 should the mixture seem a bit dry).

3 Form the mixture into truffle-sized balls & coat in cocoa powder. Place in the refrigerator to chill for a few minutes.


Happy Truffle Making x

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