Stop. It’s Blueberry Flapjack Time.

March 19, 2014

When the craving hits, it hits. When laziness is at an all time high – it’s high. This is why you keep things like premix anythings in your cupboard – easy. I have to slog away behind a stove when I’m not out sourcing for props or styling on set or location. Basically, what I’m saying is – I don’t want to slog away in the kitchen on my day off – at. all.

Thanks for making things easy Sasko. I wanted Blueberry Flapjacks, so I made Blueberry Flapjacks – in 15 minutes. The boyfriend will be pleased with these, so pleased. He will receive a follow-up batch for good behaviour.

flap 1

Blueberry Flapjacks For Days With Mascarpone & Honey  – Yup.

1 packet Sasko Quick Treats Flapjack Mix + 30ml vegetable oil + 550ml milk + 2 extra large eggs + a handful of blueberries + Oil, for frying

Ok, here we go:

Open the packet >> Tip contents into a BIG bowl >> Add vegetable oil + Milk + Eggs >> Mix Well >> Toss in the blueberries >> Mix >> Heat a non-stick frying pan >> Drop spoon-fulls of batter into hot pan >> Flip when bubbles appear on the surface >> Cook for a further minute.

Stack onto a plate (or don’t) >> Dollop with Mascarpone >> Drizzle with honey >> Extra blueberries >> Fork >> Face >> Eat.

flap 2


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