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Melville Mixing #JoAnnaMeltBar

July 24, 2013

So colleague Katie & I made a stop at the new Melville ‘It Spot’, Jo’Anna Melt Bar. We had to, it was a reccie for work purposes #hardlifeweknow. Jo’Anna – same owners as the famed burger hotspot known as Dukes in that Greenside. No meat between a bun here though, no no. Beer, beer… beer… oh & wings cooked to crisp delight in alcohol doused sauces. Drinking beer & eating drunk chicken – work purpose remember…


Firstly, we booked the spot for our next location shoot – that turquoise wall had to be in some sort of shoot magic. Old, original ceiling wall panels that had a bit of a paint splash – so nice, laaark it. Anyway… back to the drunk chicken – make a choice between having your wings punch drunk in a sweet chilli vodka sauce, a Brandy & Coke sauce (I know) or a hot chilli tequila sauce. Or you could just have all three – just have all three. Yes. Three.


If I could set up camp on that bar – I would. Any barman who hands me a cold Bone Crusher Darling Brew… well 1. we can be friends & 2. yes I will marry you, I will. We can have platters of Jo’Anna’s drunken chicken wings at the wedding, yes we can.


“Kins, Kins *poking* & then *smack*… Kins snap out of it we have to go antiquing now”. Dammit Kate! Why you gotta mess with my chicken & beer marriage daydreams?! Fine… I do need a new old lamp.


The point is – Jo’Anna’s is simply rad, like rad enough to become your new Friday after work hangout – it even has a jukebox. I said a jukebox… That’s pretty damn high on the *rad*ar – ha.

If you also want drunk chicken then punch this into your GPS just in case you don’t know where you’re going:

7 7th Street, Melville, Jozi

OR *click click* on their Facebook


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