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Most Instagrammed Shop in Cape Town – Arthur’s Mini Super, Sea Point

August 10, 2019

As the headline reads, is Arthur’s the most Instagrammed shop in Cape Town? Maybe. Is Arthur’s Mini Super the most Instagram’d shop in Sea Point? Yup. I think I’ve seen the Whaddup Fam floor  nine hundred and sixty seven times on Stories and I’m ok with that. It’s become part of my morning ritual to check what veg has been delivered from Umthunzi Farming Community (if you’re wanting to support local communities and their produce, this is the way to do it). Ones day can also be severely impacted according to which flavour of beignets has been dropped off by Egg & Shoulders on the daily. [Beignet: noun – a square of fried dough, eaten hot]. One, of course, also has to check out the chili sitch – has Willy produced more of his chili? (Willy is one of the owners – he has a beard, you’ll recognise him from other things). All of these delicious snippets of info… Makes you think, what is Arthur’s Mini Super? To me, they’re a tiny little grocery store, the old-fashioned type, the ones where you found something funky stuffed into every corner. That’s Arthur’s.

They also like to braai in their courtyard, well, it’s more like grill because gas isn’t really braai but everybody loves a grill too. So that’s fine. Hoddogs – the biggest. I’m pretty sure their weiners are from Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants (all the delish sossies) and their mustard, mayo and tom sauce drizzles are as good as the ones on a New York Tastemade video. I’m also pretty happy that they serve their sardine toast with an actual tin of Portuguese sardines on the plate. Arthur’s food is always Instagram-ready which is super handy in these modern times *Just click *. They’ve also gained a rep for their French Dip Sandwich and in the same breathe (there’s so much to say about this place) their bathroom looks like a rainbow museum. Not kak.

Everybody’s fave Mexican joint, El Burro, has tons of their merch sitting pretty on Arthur’s Mini Super shelves – looks good against the pink and also – Nachos for days. The easiest thing to do from here is to instruct you to take a look at their IG feed and spend time looking at their Stories. Remember to always have your phone with you when you visit – were you even at Arthur’s if you didn’t Whaddup Fam felfie (foot selfie)? They allow babies and dogs too which is great because Sea Point is all about dogs and babies. And coffee.

Happy Mini Grocery Store Times x 


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