Lime Curd. A Very, Very Fast Recipe.

November 16, 2015

I received a media drop that included a LOAD of limes. Many, many limes, filling up my fruit bowl. I could only squeeze so many over a salad… A Key Lime Pie would have been delicious, as would a lime pickle (which I might still make). But to be honest, after this last week (I had a sick baby on my hands. Followed by a sick me) I wanted something that would take a matter of minutes to prepare & cook. I opted instead on a batch of Lime Curd.

Lime 1

Lime 2

It’s easy. And fast. And you have the choice of what you want to do with the finished product.

lime 3

lime 4

All you have to do is:

Take 5 limes, zest and juice them. Add that to a small saucepan. Follow with a large knob (125g knob) of butter & 1 cup of sugar. Over a medium heat, stir until the butter has melted & the sugar dissolved. Remove from the heat & add four eggs (one at a time). Whisk well, return to the heat & continue whisking for about 10-12 minutes, or until thickened.

The only thing to remember is to not let the curd boil (cook it over a low-medium heat) – a split curd is never fun. I like to strain my mixture through a sieve. (Yes, you’ll lose some of the zest but it’s done its job by flavouring the mixture).

Store in a steralised glass jar & pop into the fridge.

I told you it was easy. I dolloped my curd onto pancakes (doubt you need a recipe for that. If you do, it’s easy to find).

lime 5

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