Kitchen Hacks. Easy Eating. English Muffins.

March 20, 2016

Life is busy. Life is stressful. Baking is great. When you have the time for it. Time is of the essence when you have a busy toddler circling around your legs in the kitchen. English muffins – I think they’re rather delicious. Even more delicious when somebody else has made them. Kitchen hacks – a new series on the blog to let you know that even people who earn their living from food cheat once in a while (often)  –  & it’s OK. When the deep freezer is a busy moms BFF…





As I mentioned above, I really do like a good English Muffin. That’s why I keep a stash in the freezer. Eat, top with something delicious & breakfast is sorted for the adults. Yes, the freezer is an obvious one but sometimes you forgot all of the time-saving ingredients you can store in there – more than just a large packet of peas (my love for frozen peas & veg runs on a very high level).


English Muffins. Breakfast Hack.

So, to make your next Saturday (or long weekend) breakfast incredibly easy & rather lovely, make sure you have the following on hand:

* Good quality, store bought English Muffins

* Fabulous, creamy, salted butter

* Brie, creamy, creamy Brie.

* Sometimes I combine a zesty orange marmalade with the Brie… I need a moment here… Try it.


English Muffins. Breakfast With Ease.

Happy Breakfast Hacking x

Food styling: Leila Saffarian. Photography: Dylan Swart

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