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Acting Like A Foodie. Eating Like A Mom. *the struggle is real*

August 25, 2015

Since becoming a mama, not only has my food perception changed, my eating style has evolved  -rather quickly. I have vague memories of leisurely Sunday lunches that happened in the past. You know the ones, where you spend an hour or two at the table, taking your time, just… lunching. Time, sweet time… Chomping down on a few bites of toast & slugging down gulps of tea. That’s as gourmet as it gets for me these days.

After the initial chaotic first few months of adjusting to having a baby around, you start feeling slightly braver, just slightly. You believe that you might juuuuuuuust be able to venture out for a coffee with a friend. You believe you are in total control of the situation. Shame. You learn quickly that is not the case. You also learn that not all restaurants are created equal & that not all restaurants are as baby-friendly as they seem. One more thing: you realise that when you’re eating out with a baby, the following comes into play: you pick baby-friendly spots over the desire for decent food. You can’t have both, that would just be greedy. No, it’s one or the other. But that was then, that was before I discovered a kiddie oasis located on Kingfisher Drive. A friend (yes, a friend with a baby) suggested a play date at what can only be described as a mini mom & baby haven. We’re talking good food & amazing baby facilities. It does exist, it is real. Oh, the things that excite me. How times have changed.




The Free Range Lifestyle Centre is a hub of all things baby & kids. A little community of businesses, focused on providing services for exhausted mamas & their VERY energetic bubs. The Lot is the foodie hub of it all- a restaurant that caters to the tastes of moms & babes. If you forget to pack a bottle of baby food, relax, they have things covered, with freshly prepared fruit & veggies. Having recently had a discussion on social media about the lack of baby-friendly restaurants that actually offer good food, well now, I was hoping The Lot would pull through. Mom food consisted of a toasted sandwich with crispy skinny fries & a crunchy salad – easy to hold with one hand while feeding a noisy baby. YUM. I repeat YUM. What a change from the mediocre slop usually presented at these kind of restaurants. Best is, you can enjoy your YUM toasted sarmie while the babies make a bit of noise (babies are loud & that’s OK, everybody is in the same boat here). High chairs are provided (clean high chairs) & the staff are accommodating & friendly towards the bubbies. A play area is set up in front of the outdoor tables, with child minders who will happily keep an eye on your little ones while you get a bite or two in. I should probably add there are of course, various other items on the menu, not just toasted sandwiches… But do yourself a favour, if you love a good chicken mayo vibe – you won’t sit with serious order envy if you go that route…





The Fourways Clamber Club has made the Lifestyle Centre it’s home, as well as a hairdresser, a kidlet-friendly (gorgeous) cooking club called Olive Branch, as well as the Glitter Factory. For info on all the other little business gems, click here >>


I should also mention that Fresh Culture Coffee is a coffee roaster on the premises. Coffee… AKA “Mom Juice”. Because I simply wouldn’t be able to function without that liquid gold.


Will I be back? Is a pizza even round?? YES! Yes, I will. What a pleasure to visit a spot where kids are king & parents aren’t reduced to eating grim meals, all for the sake of great changing facilities.

Where? Rustic Timber Garden Centre, 42 Witkoppen Road, Corner Kingfisher Diver, Fourways

Ring Ring: 011 465 5193

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