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Coob It Be? When Beauty & Food Collide.

April 25, 2013

Oh my Salty love, I have neglected you for some time haven’t I? Bad mother, bad, bad mother. Time has been minimal & I had another country to visit which kept me very busy. Sorry child. Momma still loves you. 

A few days before my Lunndun (innit bruv) jet-off, one of my best people surprised me by visiting the Jozi Town – I love a Captonian in Jozi. Luuurve. My Mrs @Juana_Pye said she would be up for that Jozi Fashion Week vibe. The Mrs J is a beauty ed which means we just get it when the another is describing developing stomach ulcers due to deadline stress – we get it.

So I collected @Juana_Pye from the depths of all that Jozi fashion week swankiness in the CA plated automobile. “Friiiiiend!!!”. My tall glamazon of a friend waved me down. Got her. What would be the right place to feed two hungry Capies? Ja, Parkhurst it was. I chose Coobs as the spot that would feed our hungry faces. So trendy.

‘Hold That’

Luckily I’m clever & book ahead – things were packed, as it always is on a Thursday in Parkies. Walked in, seated, time to chow. So much catch-up chatting about our mags, all the Slaapstad mates, the general stuff. Wait. Must stop to look at menu… Delights galore. Madame Juana is obsessed with the lighting – all glitzy & bling. I’m loving the wood – all boyish & stuff. Service was as smooth as silk on bare skin. We weren’t in the mood for vino, nah, G&T’s would do us nicely. Two G&T’s would do…

Bling It.

OK so starters – we chose ‘sharing is caring’ for this one. Neither of us had been to gym so it made sense. “One free range chicken liver parfait served with homemade fig preserve, ginger syrup & Melba toast please”. & it was so… beautiful, smooth, absolutely one of the best parfaits I’ve ever eaten. Juana kept digging in & gave the beauty thumbs up – bless. An even better treat – one Mr chef @ChefMattWright came out to say hello while we were stuffing our faces – as one does, as one does. Hello Mr Chef Matt.

Parfait Delights.

Just A Small Bite Of Heaven.

Mains – “One carbonara with smokey wild boar bacon & one acorn fed pork cutlet served with quince paste centered pomme croquettes, apple puree & a brandy butter glaze please”. Well… I mean, what can be said. We are girls who like to clean our plates if we like – *see pic* – nuff said. We probably would have swirled our fingers on the plate but one must remember manners when out & about. We thought about it though… The other half of @CoobsParkhurst also came to say hello Mr @chefjamesdiack – again, while stuffing food in our faces. A conspiracy was going on here… Hello Mr head chef.

A Chop To Make You Smile.
Getting Stuck In There.
We wanted to lick. We didn’t.

Dessert – We couldn’t choose. Then we decided to be good & have one. We wanted retro delights – Chocolate Baked Alaska made the cut. Sorry Churros with cinnamon sugar & Belgian dark choccie sauce – you will have your turn next time. @chefjamesdiack was being bad & tried to convince us that two puds would be fine & that we should worry about gym in the morning… No @chefjamesdiack – No! Baked Alaska arrived, Juana gasped, I Instagram’d. @chefjamesdiack & @ChefMattWright were super naughty by sending a portion of churros our way anyway. Thanks for the extra treadmill work guys, thanks. We hate love you!

Then There Was Love.
Churros, chatting to uber animated & humorous chefs, a brill hostess & perhaps just a spot of red wine made for a good night out in Jozi. Juana even admitted that she had fallen for Jozi Town a little bit – yeeeessss! Another one converted. But I think @CoobsParkhurst probably had something to do with it all as well… Maybe just a little. That & their acorn fed cutlets. Job done.

Where? Corner 4th Avenue & 14th Street, Parkhurst, Jozi Town

Deets: Tues-Sat: 12-10pm. Sun: 12-3:30pm

More deets: 011 447 0710 

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