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Foodie Spots To Visit In JHB: ROSTO

September 14, 2017

Way back when, not so long before I had a baby and became a mom and when I was still fairly hip (gasp, shock), yes, there was once a time when this mama had some edge to her. During those days I lived in Linden, Johannesburg, in an old flat (as one does). It was great, I adored it, what a vibe and what a life. A suburb that had just the right amount of quirk and creative spark to make me feel closer to my Cape Town roots. This was all right before Linden exploded into the trendy nugget it has now become. I’m glad I lived there when I did. The only thing I would have changed was if the now, much-adored, ROSTO had been in the hood while I was still walking those streets. Yup, if you love great rotisserie chicken, ROSTO should be on your list of spots to visit.

I have yet to visit ROSTO but have heard such good (great) things about this eatery – it absolutely deserved a post for all the foodies travelling to Johannesburg, or for all of the foodies in Johannesburg who need a little reminder. ROSTO is quickly nearing it’s first birthday since setting up shop and with that, a  few changes have been made to the menu – just in time for Spring!

From late August, ROSTO introduced its new menu, which still featured its renowned wood-fired rotisserie chicken – but in three different flavours. But don’t worry, the legendary rotisserie still remains the showcase dish of the restaurant.

“We have been experimenting and listening to our customers over the past few months, and have decided to spruce up our menu to mark the start of Summer and the busy months to come,” explains Founder of ROSTO, Lance Littlefield.

Littlefield furthers that while familiar favourites remain on the ROSTO menu, some dishes have been tweaked slightly in response to feedback from diners.

Food lovers, hold onto your seats, because Porchetta Sunday has now become a real, live thing. Yup, you read that right – Porchetta Sundays. I’ll just give you a minute to let that sink in… A whole, spit-roasted and deboned pig… I’ll wait a little longer before I start again, shall I?

Additional changes to the menu also include the Trio of Arancini – three rice croquettes stuffed with various fillings (Ragu, Butternut and Smoked Mozzarella and Spinach, Ham and Provolone), as well as the Chargrilled Pickled Vegetable Salad – YUM ALERT!

And with the weather starting to heat up, be sure to order an Italian- style cocktail or two. ROSTO is the only restaurant in the country to serve up boozy Aperitea teabags – I feel like the tea alone should have it’s own Instagram account, along with the legendary ROSTO chickpea fries – I would follow.

So if you find yourself in my old hood, be sure to stick your head in at ROSTO and tell them Leila will be popping round real soon for a nibble.

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Happy Linden Visits x 

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