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Child-Friendly Restaurants In Cape Town: Visit Black & Brew In Hout Bay.

April 6, 2019

When becoming a parent, everybody warns you about the lack of sleep. That passes and soon your little Bun is into the toddler phase of life. Weekends hit and the term most searched for on Google on your phone – child-friendly restaurants in Cape Town. Time after time, weekend after weekend. Yup, finding spots that are suitable for the little ones (and I mean really suitable), along with semi-decent food – it’s like finding that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. PTS fam, to those living in the Cape and to those of you who will soon be visiting the Cape, say hello to Black & Brew, nestled in Hout Bay’s Valley Road. *Hello Toddler happiness. Hello Mamma & Dadda caffeine fix*.

So what is Black & Brew? It’s Hout Bay’s only farmyard bistro and quite frankly, it’s a welcome addition to the parenting scene. We were invited to a 4th birthday party at the venue not so long ago and it was quickly added to the “places to visit on the weekend” list. Situated on Valley Farm, on Valley Road, the space is home to friendly farmyard animals (rabbits, goats, pigs, ducks and geese). An outside area where the little ones can run free (the area is enclosed), with splash pools for the Summer season (fenced) and a fabulous jungle gym within a sand pit is all on hand. Wooden picnic style benches and tables make eating easy for parents who need to wander back and forth between the jungle gym, farmyard animal feeding area (bags of pellets are for sale should you wish to offer a snack) and coffee sipping. As the name suggests, the Brew is flowing and the coffee is good, really, really good. Toasted sandwiches, burgers and a nice breakfast menu are on offer, with the kids breakfast menu available all day. You can take a look at the menu here.

The venue is also hired out for children’s birthday parties, so expect there to be birthday action happening, especially as there is a jumping castle within the outside seating area. A good-sized trampoline with enclosed net is also at the ready, you know, to bounce that excess energy out – our Ash can literally bounce for hours. For the parents with babies, there is a great baby changing station set up by the toilets. Clean, with a decent space to change baby comfortably and did I mention really clean? This makes the world of difference when dining out with a tiny. There’s also a side gate entrance that makes the venue easily accessible with a pram.

Black & Brew has definitely made it onto our main list of child-friendly restaurants in Cape Town. The staff are super friendly and the drive out to Hout Bay is always a pleasure. So next time you’re in the Bay, pop into Black & Brew for some much needed relaxation time. Oh, the little deli inside also has a sweet little play section for the kiddos AND has a host of delicious deli treats to take home- honey, preserves, fresh eggs and more.

Happy Brew Time x  

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