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The Kids Will Love: Moro Gelato In Sea Point

January 10, 2020

Aaaaaah, what can one say about Moro Gelato other than hello delicious! Yup, we are fans, I should probably specify and say that Ash is a fan, a MEGA Moro fan. Ever since we moved back to Cape Town a few years back, his Number 1 treat above all else was a scoop of Moro’s chocolate in a cone or cup at their little gelato cart at the OZC Farmers Market – cup or cone was always dependent on Asha’s vibe. One of the highlights of Asha’s December was when Moro Gelato opened up a shop – yes, a whole entire little shop dedicated to all things Gelato in Sea Point. YAY!


This was good great news, although highly detrimental too, seeing as the store is within walking distance from our home – uh oh! We also only recently learnt that the chocolate scoop Ash had loved all these years was, in fact, vegan. Nice-Cream Score!

The store is beautiful, with mint green and blush pink on the walls, gorgeous tiles on the floors, touches of gold behind the marble gelato counter and, wait for it, some sort of little chocolate fountain that is used to dip the wafers in chocolate. Yum deluxe! This little shop couldn’t be more on trend even if it tried. Instagram-worthy I guess is the best way to describe it.


The kids (adults too) will absolutely love this spot- expect to pop in a lot. It’s probably a good thing to collect a Moro Loyalty card and start collecting those gelato stamps. The boards on the walls highlight the various flavours of the week and it must be noted that the sorbet looked absolutely heavenly, I’m definitely going to be giving the granadilla a try soon! Keep an eye on the Moro gelato Instagram for all of those dreamy gelato pics that will fill your feed.

So the next time you’re strolling through Sea Point, or about to hit the promenade for a Summer session, pop past Moro Gelato. I dare you to be out of the store within five minutes – not likely.

Happy Gelato Daze x 


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