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Smashburgers Gone Wild At BGR

March 6, 2015

For those who are addicted to Instagram, or for those who are addicted to New York, or more so for those who are addicted to real American style burgers, well the new’ish joint that is BGR in Jozi will be making you very, very happy. Happier than a french fry dipped in a chocolate shake. How very 1980’s Breakfast Club Vibes.


Yes well, that’s what BGR has done for Joburg, created a little New York hotspot, a little Shake Shack glory in the concrete jungle. There are a few other burger joint franchises that have taken on what some South Africans are now coming to terms with – the Smash Burger. Be gone coarse, fat, frikkadel type hamburger patti. No. smash burgers are where it’s at & the name isn’t that hard to figure out – a ball of meat is literally flattened onto the grill & cooked until a savoury crust *flavour* forms. Now what sets BGR apart from these other Smash franchises? Well 1, it isn’t a naffy franchise & 2, their new store is a sort of temporary situation in the Caltex garage, on Jan Smuts, opposite Kaya FM. They aren’t all flash & glory, preferring to rather concentrate on the burger glory of it all.

The owners are Americans who seem to really have a love for SA, Joburg in particular – that in itself is a breath of fresh air. Speaking of fresh air, their entire business philosophy surrounding BGR is just that – fresh. Creating a terrific working environment by really giving back to their employees.


But back to the hero, the burgers. Choose between Hamburger or Cheeseburger. All toppings are FREE. The Works is a winner – think traditional garnish (lettuce, tomato) & add pickles, grilled onions & BGR sauce. Yes please, thanks. French fries that are real – I’ve said this a few times but again, think Shake Shack style here. Sodas are the usual & you can top up as many times as you want. Their meat is supplied by that fabulous butchery in Parkhurst that starts with a B – you know which one I’m talking about.

Frozen custard will be arriving soon, as well as shakes – because everybody knows you can’t have a proper burger & fries experience without a shake – no you can’t. Follow on IG @eatBGR

Where? BGR. 172 Jan Smuts Avenue *Caltex Garage, opposite Kaya FM*

When? Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 20:30pm





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