Mixed Berry Yoghurt Parfait (Otherwise Known As Yoghurt Breakfast Pots).

April 21, 2017

The friendly folk over at Nutriday SA asked me to 1. take  part in their #NutridayBreakfastParty challenge (who doesn’t love a challenge that has to do with the champion meal of the day?) & 2. to come up with a tasty breakfast something or other using yoghurt. OK!

Now as most of you know, I’m all for things being easy, convenient & quick in the kitchen. I opted for these sweet little Mixed Berry Yoghurt Parfaits (yes I know, it’s a fancy way of saying yoghurt breakfast pots. This recipe is so easy, I had to go with a fancy name). These little pots are great for feeding a crowd & you can easily substitute the crunch factor with a crunchy something or other of your choice. If you’re reading this after you’ve had your morning coffee tea & are feeling slightly happier about the day, vote for my recipe here >> I understand if you vote or have voted for another blogger, there are some super scrummy recipes floating about, I get it, no hard feelings. Anyway, if you fancy wow’ing the breakfast crowd try my Berry Pots, sorry Parfaits.

Serves 4 as a starter


2 cups (500ml) Nutriday Mixed Berry Yoghurt
200g crushed biscuits of your choice
200g mixed fresh berries
extra berries, for serving
fresh mint, to serve
icing sugar, for dusting


Add 3 tbsp (45ml) Nutriday Mixed Berry yoghurt to four small glasses.
Add a sprinkling of crushed biscuits, followed by some berries to the glasses.
Repeat with another layer of yoghurt, followed by crushed biscuits and mixed fresh berries until you reach the top of the glass (leaving some room for the topping).
Finish with a layer of NutriDay yoghurt. Top with a few fresh berries a mint leaf and dust lightly with icing sugar, just before serving.

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Happy Yoghurt Days! x 


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