Eating Out

Little Italy. Little (bit of) New York. Rolled into Jozi Town.

June 26, 2015

A few weeks ago I was invited to pop into Remo’s Cafe Maximilliano at Waterfall Corner. *Trying* to pop out for a bite to eat with a new bubbie isn’t the easiest thing. A much needed date night was calling & boyfriend & I were in the mood for an Italian nibble.

Nic had picked up a take-away or two from Remo’s in the past. In fact, he raved about a prawn risotto he had tasted (when I say raved, I mean he’d mentioned this particular risotto more than three times). We chose a Friday night as our meander about town moment. Friday night is clearly a popular choice. Remo’s was pumping & seats were filled.  The restaurant clearly has a strong Italian theme running through it. But what I really love is how you almost get a feeling of being somewhere other than Joburg when seated in the restaurant. It’s that bit of New York flair – rolled into Jozi Town.

Despite it being date night we knew we had to order pretty fast – we aren’t used to flitting out on the town anymore & sleep deprivation causes new parents to fall asleep in unusual places – restaurants included. Oi. Shame. Our waiter was great, speedy, on the ball, attentive & providing explanations of the entire menu when requested to do so. We got stuck in!

Nic opted for a beef carpaccio which he devoured – devoured! I opted for the Arancini – crispy, BIG (balls), crunchy, carby delights, filled with gorgonzola – yum deluxe. Just super yum. *Seriously, if you enjoy rice in general or risotto dishes of any kind & a pungent blue cheese – order these, they won’t be a let down*

RF 1


RF 2


Next up were the mains… Nic is such a huge chicken fan, especially chicken made right. He went for one of Remo’s signature dishes, the Chicken Assaggi… Grilled chicken breast, wood fire roasted vegetables, peppadew, pinenut & feta pesto, zucchini fries & balsamic reduction – a mouthful yes, but a delicious one all the same. I was in the mood for something filling, comforting, warming. To put it plain & simply, I wanted the YUM factor in every bite. I went with the gnocchi & meatballs. The meaty balls were cooked in a tomato sauce that had clearly put in the hours on the stove – reduced & packed with flavour. Portions were a plenty & we weren’t able to finish – not after those starters – doggy bags please! (find that Italian menu of plenty, here >>


Although desserts were tempting, there simply was no room left & we will have to return for a sweet treat. All in all, if a Friday night is your date night & restaurants are your thing. Well, you won’t go wrong choosing Remo’s Cafe Maximilliano at Waterfall Corner.


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