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Have Your Cake & Eat It Too – Happily. Park Café.

March 17, 2014

I wish I knew about Park Café sooner… But one must not look back in anger. No. Instead I choose to make up for all the slices of Lemon & ‘Oh My Sweet Cherry This Is So Delicious’ Almond cake I missed out on…

I’ve been living in Joburg for nearly four years (how did this happen?!). Park Café (@ParkCafeJozi) would have made the early years a lot more fun, especially while working just down the road, slogging away in the magazine world & its deadline driven work hours. Above mentioned ‘Oh My’ cake probably had the power to push me out of the ‘I miss Cape Town’ slump I was in back then. BUT – we’re here to speak about delicious things, not to dwell on the past.

Park Café is tucked away in the The Parks Centre, Corner Wells & Jan Smuts Avenue. It sits smack bang in the middle of the centre – on an astroturf surface, with brightly coloured bunting, white tables with roses & display cabinets, just looking all sorts of lovely really. The café is owned & run by sisters, Vicky Ross & Lexi Reckling, who also own the adjacent nail salon, Polish Nail Spa (cake & pretty nails – clever).

PC 11

Freelancers often take an early lunch because we’re obnoxious about our time (but in a nice way – of course). Samlet & I were hungry & we did actually have business to discuss. But. We needed a brilliant cup-of-chino once when we spotted the beauty of a coffee machine – so shiny. We also required feeding. Sharing is caring. We went with the swop your meal halfway routine. This way order envy couldn’t rear its ugly head & a ruin a beautiful friendship.

PC 1

PC 6

PC 2

The girls who like to eat tucked into the Lunch Menu & devoured the following:

* A mighty impressive homemade salmon fish cake – clearly, size does matter {LARGE}. Fresh, crisp baby spinach leaves, tomato & avo salsa & a yoghurty dressing. When simple is done right, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

* The second dish that didn’t stand a chance (shame) – Halloumi & avo salad with torn Italian bread. All I’ll say about this is… the plates didn’t need a cycle in the dishwasher – clean & cleared.

PC 3

* Just because we had both gone for a run that morning & like to kid ourselves into thinking that we really deserve a treat (oh how we kid ourselves – bless) – a slice (we shared) of THAT cake. Goodness on a plate wouldn’t be dramatic speech. Hello Lemon & Almond Cake, hello. You are delicious & you may stay in our lives – forever. Tea cups with blue cows, playing amongst windmills & fat bumble bees buzzing. This is such a good thing.

PC last

PC 4

Supposing you are more of a breakfast for breakfast person & not so much a lunch for lunch kind of person, the café is buzzing in the morning  – with a breakfast crowd, naturally.

Apart from all of the delicious things, Park Café also won a spot in our eating books due to the combination of leopard & roses – how delightful. The waitresses with their floral aprons, jeans & Converse are dressed for success – no need to say anything more about this, that kind of combo is a winner.

PC 5

PC 8

PC 9

PC 10

Have your cake & eat it: Lower Level, The Parks Centre, Corner Wells & Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood

Score the deets: 011 447 0250.

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