Lemon Spaghetti: Simple Suppers, Sorted

June 18, 2019

Winter is here. It’s cold and it’s wet and it’s most definitely here. BUT. One good thing about the chilly season is that here in South Africa, that means it’s CITRUS SEASON! And anybody who knows me, knows I’m the biggest lover of lemons. The biggest. Anything tart, sour, zingy and zesty is a big yes in my culinary books. So with that knowledge, it meant my next post using Food Lover’s Market ingredients was a no brainer – hello LEMONS. More specifically, hello to my insanely easy, incredibly delicious, super zesty Lemon Spaghetti. This dish can be as cheap as chips or as posh as the grandest nosh, it’s up to you how deep you want to dig into your pockets. I would usually suggest you go and make yourself a cup of tea while reading this recipe but it is so ridiculously quick and easy, there won’t be time for any of that.

To get started, pop into your nearest Food Lover’s Market and make a list of the following ingredients:

  • Spaghetti (choose whatever pasta takes your fancy)
  • Olive Oil (some of you may already have this as a pantry staple but if not, the Food Lover’s Market brand of olive oil is great quality at a great price)
  • Fresh Garlic (one can never have enough!)
  • Dried chili flakes (again, spot the FLM brand, good quality spicyness)
  • LEMONS, LEMONS AND MORE LEMONS (there are super Citrus Deals happening in store at the moment)
  • Parmesan (this is more of a posh ingredient splurge BUT a little goes a long way and a decent wedge lasts a few months)
  • Fresh basil (sooooooooo fragrant)
  • Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper (again, I consider this a pantry staple but look out for the FLM grinders)

How To Do It:

  • Cook spaghetti according to packaging instructions, drain and set aside.
  • Heat a good glug of olive oil (a good glug)  in a non-stick pan and add 2 FAT garlic cloves that have been finely chopped.
  • Add as much or as little dried chili flakes as you wish. I usually go with 1/2 a tsp. Followed by the peel of two lemons (about 8 pieces).
  • Gently fry the garlic until golden and until the lemon peel releases some of its fragrant oils. Add the cooked spaghetti to the pan and toss well in the citrus, garlic and chili oil to coat.
  • Add a generous grating of Parmesan and the juice of 2-3 lemons (this really depends on how lemony you like things), followed by a good grinding of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. You might need a bit more olive oil at this stage.
  • Twirl the spaghetti onto a serving platter and scatter over torn basil, just before serving.

Now you didn’t think my citrus culinary love would end at a simple, yet utterly yum platter of spaghetti, did you? Keep your eyes peeled (get it?! Sorry, corny mom jokes) for another super easy citrus hack that will make your entertaining life a breeze.

Happy Lemon Days x  

*Post sponsored by Food Lovers’ Market. I received a Food Lovers’ Market voucher to purchase the goods used in this post. All opinions are my own.*

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