Baba Brinjals Get A Dose Of Mother-In-Law Spicing

July 1, 2013

Remember these tiny guys I found last week? Their reign of sitting pretty in an old enamel bowl & well, looking all purple pretty came to an end yesterday. That pile of mother-in-law spice in my cupboard from Mr Spice man from the Hazel Food Market required a bit of scooping into… Baba Brinjal meet the Mother-In-Law…


Oven whacked up to 200C. Combine 1 cup (250ml) plain yoghurt, 1 heaped tbsp (15ml) mother-in-law curry powder (use whatever you have & less if you’re spice sensitive), a good spritz of lemon juice, s&p, a glug of o.oil & some fresh coriander ripped & chucked in – mix mix. Cut brinjals in half & score the inside of the flesh. Chuck into an ovenproof dish & cover with spiced yoghurt. Cut two fattie tomatoes into quarters, add to the dish, a last small glug of o.oil & roast for 30-35 minutes until the veggies are soft & slightly charred.

The brinjals become excessively soft – almost buttery & creamy, the tomato – a little crisp & spicy sweet. We started tucking straight into the dish with bits of toasted bread. Kinda like an all in one brinjal’ish dip with that yoghurt… but not.


Kitchen counter top milling about, Sunday chatting & tucking straight into a just out of the oven dish with toasty bread – if you don’t approve…. well then scoop your brinjals in a bowl & go sit on the couch to tuck in – or the floor – a floor & brinjal’ish dip things work really well together.

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