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Krispy Kreme. Joburg Now Has American Coffee & Doughnuts.

November 23, 2015

America loves their doughnuts. Loves. We all know this (movies, police officers (cops), police officers (cops) eating doughnuts). Has South Africa had such a love affair with a sweet confectionary like that? No. The doughnut culture has never had a reputation here. Vetkoek always trumped the dough with the hole in it. But then again, there hasn’t really been a doughnut establishment that wanted to create a culture around a bit of dough with a hole in it.


That was until Krispy Kreme hit SA shores. Krispy Kreme. Most of us have heard of it, again >> (movies & travel). Now here are a few doughnut snippets before I continue:

  • Krispy Kreme decided that The Zone in Rosebank would be its new SA home.
  • The store opens to the public on the 25th of November
  • You can grab doughnuts & coffee, in the same space


Other things about the doughnut giant I learned through the walking media tour:

  • You can view the doughnut making process through a large glass panel in the store. (Doughnut conveyor belt, it’s a real thing).
  • All doughnuts receive a dousing of that legendary Krispy Kreme glaze.
  • The SA Krispy Kreme staff have a Krispy Kreme theme tune.
  • There are so many flavours.
  • The trendy doughnut thing to do in a Krispy Kreme store is to ask for “A Dozen”
  • Yup, their doughnuts really are super fresh.




So if you’ve had enough of vetkoek and syrup & are craving a dose of American food culture. Get to Krispy Kreme, ask for an Original Glazed Doughnut & a coffee to go.

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