JARRYDS. Espresso Bar & Eatery.

January 20, 2016

“Good coffee. Good day. Great coffee. Jarryds”.

Well ok then, I like it. This post won’t be more than a few lines long. Why? Because Jarryds became the caffeine spot where I picked up my morning Flat White while on my Sea Point strolls – with boyfriend & baby & pram, all included. I didn’t eat there, I barely stopped. I ordered at the open espresso bar & waited on the street. The coffee arrived so quickly. I can’t say anything else about Jarryds other than they did something right with their brew – it kept me coming back every morning.

Fast. Hot. The coffee was better than another spot just down the road. I recognised many of the faces sitting at the espresso bar. Maybe I liked Jarryds so much because I grew up in Sea Point. I enjoy the idea of small spots like this espresso bar & eatery still making Sea Point so great. I also just really like their branding. Simple. Cement. Grey & Black.

90 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town



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