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“It’s Good. It’s In Glass”. The Consol Shop Red Hot Sale Is A Must.

July 22, 2016

If like me, you adore glass textiles & products, then you’re probably already a local at your nearest Consol shop. Consol is my “go-to” spot for both home styling, as well prop sourcing for the many food shoots I work on. Want to spruce up your kitchen, bathroom or are planning say… a wedding? My next bit of delicious news will make you happy, oh so very happy. The Consol Shop is having a Red Hot Sale (25th of July – 6th of August, 2016). Take a moment to let that news sink in. Yes, a Red Hot Sale is on it’s way – best you get your shopping strategy ready!

Consol 1

The Red Hot sale will be taking place at both the Woodmead & Stellenbosch Consol shops, with discounts on a large variety of products. Discounts will range from 25% – 50% off & will also include a few recently launched Consol product lines (Consol Jar in a Jar, Consol Grip & Go Active, Consol Store-It Jar, Consol My Jar, Consol Curvy, Consol Broadway & Solar Jars, as well as the Classic Expressions bottles). The Consol Jug is also included in the mix – hoorah, I’ve had my eye on it for a while now. Selected décor items will also be on sale (I love a bit of a home make-over).

Consol 3

With glass made from all natural substances, the preservation of stored goods means items last that bit longer. So if a messy pantry is getting out of hand & driving you rather nuts (we’ve all been there – pasta, rice & flour packets being held closed with a peg…). You can now say goodbye messy pantry, goodbye. The Consol My Jars, Store It Jars & Broadway Jars were invented for this reason (they look really good on a counter-top too). Besides keeping things looking neat & tidy, preserve lovers will need to still their jam-beating hearts because Consol Preserve Jars are about to get filled with sweet, sticky, preserved treats, thanks to the Red Hot Sale (your morning toast is about to become very happy indeed).

Consol 2 new

The thing I’m really, really (really) excited for though… Consol Solar Jars are included in the sale. My evening garden braai time game is about to be significantly improved – sunlight at night, could a braai possibly get any better?

Another reason this sale is making me so happy? My toddler started crèche this year – guess which mom is getting her teacher gifting sorted early? Yes, that would be me. Thank you Consol for sorting out my parent / teacher admin too. I see many chocolate truffles in my PTA making future.

So if you are also feeling inspired to whip up some gourmet treats, re-do the home, or are simply looking for a reason to shop… Find all of the details for the Consol Shop’s Red Hot Sale below. Or you could also click on over to the Consol website, or Facebook page >> (Consol Glass) or Twitter account >> (Consol_Glass).

Consol Red Hot Sale:

When? 25th of July – 6th of August 2016

Where? The Woodmead & Stellenbosch Consol shops (Consol products are only on sale at the two Consol shops, not at other retailers).


16 Waterval Crescent, Woodmead, Johannesburg. 011 603 2080

Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm. Saturday: 9am – 1pm


Corner Rand & Stoffelsmit Street, Plankenburg, Cape Town. 021 888 4023

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 4pm. Friday: 08:30am – 03:30pm. Saturday: 9am – 1pm

(The Stellenbosch store will only be open for the two Saturdays of the sale, not for any other Saturday).

Happy Shopping x

*Post sponsored by Consol Glass* Images Supplied.

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