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Consol Preserve Jars. Now Convert To Pouring Jugs. Easy.

March 22, 2016

One of my favourite brands – Consol. Because It’s Good. It’s In Glass. Yup, that’s the catch phrase we all know. Let’s be honest, Consol has trended up somewhat in the past few years. Glass is the new in thing for aspiring creatives. The iconic preserving jars are a classic item in any kitchen. Whether you actually use it for preserving or simply as a storage container, the look & feel of the iconic preserve jar now has a new kitchen use…

Consol Jug 1

Consol Preserve Jars have been converted into Pouring Jugs. Jars have been fitted with an easy pouring, non-drip angled spout & BPA-free lid. Store anything from fresh milk, to juice, sauces or salad dressings. (We go through SO MUCH milk in our home due to a lively toddler toddling about. I’ve been getting tired of looking at the white milk containers). The preserve jars, fitted with pouring lids are available in four frosted colours: white, blue, green & coral. There are three sizes to choose from: 250ml (R25), 500ml (R36) or 1L (R45). Sold individually or in a box of 12.

Consol jug 2

Visit for more info on the new range.

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