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Fabrica Do Prego: Portuguese Prego In Sea Point.

February 25, 2020

Friday night and it’s nearing supper time. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – I DON’T LIKE TAKE-AWAYS. I do not. At least 98% of the time they are awful. Cold once delivered and more often than not, the order is usually incorrect (it always happens to be my part of the order). Did I mention expensive? A meal that usually leaves you feeling like a.) That was NOT worth the calorie intake and b.) I could have made it better myself. I’d sooner get up and cook something than order out. But that’s just me. That’s just me. And Nic loves a take-away every now and then sooooooo… I was Instgram Influenced and suggested Fabrica Do Prego – a Prego store in Sea Point that had recently opened up. Ok, take-away night was on but the one thing I wasn’t prepared to do was have it delivered. I also wanted to see the inside of the store for myself.

Fabrica Do Prego is one of the outside stores situated at the Artem centre in Sea Point. I will forever think of that centre as Adelphi but that’s also just giving my age away. Fabrica Do Prego is literally a five minute drive from home, so the chances of me returning with a fairly warm bag of food was good. Prego naturally means Prego Sauce, which naturally means flavour. I was hungry and after thrusting my phone into Nic’s face while he was trying to hold a squirming toddler in his one arm and soldier lift a five year old onto his shoulder… The orders were finally taken and I was on my way…

The store has such a lovely look about it, modern, Instagram on-trend, clean and minimal. All the things the young Sea Point folk love (I love it too – I’m not very young though). Interestingly enough, Fabrica Do Prego has actually been around for yonks but has had a recent make-over. For 23 years, Fabrica was formerly know as Chippies Prego, so that means they know a thing or five about making a Portuguese Roll taste sensational. There are now two stores operating, one in Rondebsoch and the newer option in Sea Point.

Back to the ordering. We opted for two Chicken Pregos (grilled free-range chicken breast served with cos lettuce, sliced tomato and Prego Sauce) and one Steak Prego (consisting of the same as the chicken, except with grilled sirloin) with the additon of a family-size box of chippies (hand-cut and double fried, with a choice of sauce). I knew the kids would be eating most of the chips as I guessed that the actual pregos would be too spicy for them. Other prego varieties on offer that sounded delish were: Chorico, tuna and mushroom (vegan option). Grilled spatchcock chickens, espetada, various salads (green, colesalw, couscous and 3 Bean), as well as sauteed brussel sprouts were also on offer. The service was swift and I happened to come at an odd time – kids supper time, so they weren’t busy and the order was out in ten minutes. During my short wait I snapped a few pics of their merch, yes, Fabrica has their own line of edible merch, think Prego Sauce, Coriander Aioli, Churrasco Barbecue and Peri-Peri. They have brown bags of Liberdade Coffee Beans for sale too. That would probably go down a treat with a Pasteis De Nata.

I was home in a few minutes, unwrapped the package and… ja, the Pregos were too spicy for the kiddos (but we were expecting that). They happily tucked into the chippes which were delicious. My pet peeve are limp, cold chips and these were lovely, they totally reminded me of Portuguese style fish and chips from my childhood. So the chips were a win. Onto the Prego… the Portuguese rolls were incredibly pillowy and fresh, as were all of the salad ingredients on the roll. The steak and chicken were both tender with a nice chargrilled flavour and the Prego sauce was tasty. Did I feel ripped off? No. Has Fabrica Do Prego changed my mindset when it comes to take-aways?

Well, maybe just for Prego Friday (which should absolutely, definitely, certainly become a thing). Will we be going back? YES. Next on the list to try, their tempura green beans (forgot to mention that one) and possibly the Tuna Prego which sounds lush. Follow their Instagram Prego sessions here.

277 Main Road, Sea Point. 087 470 0259 (for take-away orders)

Happy Prego Feasting x 

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