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The Federal – Food, Drink & Provisions. Melville.

September 24, 2016

Chef James Diack. We all know by now that I’m a big fan of all of James’ restaurants. Coobs – yes. The National – ummmm, is a carrot even a vegetable? That James has only gone & done it again. Cue the trifecta of Diack restaurants with the launch of The Federal – Food, Drink & Provisions, in Melville’s kicking Seventh Street. I know what you’re thinking… Melville, student-ville, gross. No, I will not stop talking about Melville because any Johannesburg foodie worth their salt knows that Melville is the new Parkhurst. Or Greenside. Or Maboneng. And with the arrival of The Federal on the seventh strip, prepare to be spending a lot of time there.


The Federal is modelled on an old-fashioned New York style deli. Think homemade hot dogs, all-day waffles, artisanal burgers & pies – all of the sweet dessert pies. I’m not kidding, the Smor’s pie is some sort of glorious chocolate, marshmallow fluff”esque, meringue cloud of delight. It should have it’s very own Twitter account & Eat Out should absolutely dedicate a day to it on all of their online platforms (I SAID EAT OUT SHOULD….).

The pumpkin pie is also just so darn U.S. There’s no way you can leave Melville without tasting pumpkin pie.


Now if you’re a crazy fan of The National’s buttermilk fried chicken. The Federal has it too. So good you’ll order a second portion. No really, you WILL order a second portion. The Duck Rilette is also just ridiculous. It’s served with Picalilli & seed loaf. I love Picalilli. Thank you James for making it a feature at The Federal.


Naturally, a James Diack establishment wouldn’t be a James Diack establishment if there wasn’t a constant supply of fresh, organic & sustainably farmed produce from his family farm in the Magaliesburg – Brightside Farm.

So get happy, get ready for fried chicken, roasted tomato soup with mac ‘n cheese grilled cheese sandwiches & pie, all of the sweet, sweet pie.

James, thanks for making sure that The Federal makes my styling eye so very happy – the interiors are ridiculously good looking – think 50’s, lino turquoise floor tiles, reclaimed wood & red & white vinyl chairs. Follow The Federal’s Twitter Feed for masses of more info on all of their food, drinks & provisions shenanigans.


The Corner of Second Avenue & Seventh Street, Melville, Johannesburg.

Happy Federal visiting x


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