Cerebos. 70 Years Of Seasoning.

January 28, 2016

Towards the end of last year, I was approached by Cerebos Salt to take part in their #Seasoned70 campaign. Yup, Cerebos has been around for 70 years. Seven Zero. The fact that my blog is called what it is, well now, it’s like we were a little food collaboration waiting to happen.

Leila Saffarian LR (13 of 121)

A host of foodies, bloggers & professional chefs were all randomly given a decade from the past 70 years. I was handed the 1940’s & told to create a dish inspired by that decade & of course, Cerebos salt. A gorgeous hamper had been been delivered to me a week or two before that. This gave me the chance to see which types of salt in the Cerebos range really appealed to me. After some research about my selected decade, I opted for a easy, yet crowd-pleasing Chicken Liver Paté. My salt of choice was the Cerebos Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes. I adore sea salt flakes & was completely unaware that Cerebos even had this new product in their salty catalogue. It seems that within the last 31 years (I’m giving away my age), the Cerebos range has grown & appeals to a much wider audience than the humble tube of flowing table salt I remember from my childhood.

Leila Saffarian LR (16 of 121)

I got my salty 15 minutes of fame thanks to Cerebos. Read all about some of my food thoughts, skills, memories, ideas & of course, you can see that delish Chicken Liver Paté & why I chose it. *It’s really easy to prepare, cheap & cheerful & utterly delicious!*

A salty read here >> http://www.cerebos.co.za/seasoned/leila-saffarian/ Find out more about the Cerebos 70 Years Campaign by following the #Seasoned70 hashtag on social media platforms.

*A big salty thank you to Cerebos, who sponsored this post* 


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