Food Blogging On The Pink #IntelInsideOut

February 16, 2016

Everybody! Hi. Is it really only Tuesday? The way my body & brain feels at the moment, I was hoping for at least a bit of a Thursday situation happening here… Being a mom to a VERY BUSY one year old while trying to get work done from home… Mmmmmhmmmm. Ensuring I also give my blog the attention it needs while dealing with all of the above – difficult. I sometimes find myself typing away while on shoots (during a lunch break) purely to remember an idea for a post. The blogging struggle is sometimes very real. The problem is, I usually end up doing this on my phone (couldn’t be bothered carrying my Mac around – too bulky & what use is it to me without being able to snap a few pics when on a food shoot? Visual is everything, after all).

Now you can imagine the delight I felt when a brand new magenta Pink Acer Aspire Switch 10E landed on my desk at home. “What? For me?”. The lovely folks at Intel said “Hey Leila, we know that you are REALLY busy doing all your food stuff & being a mom. This should make life a little easier for you. Try it out”. You guys, thank you. What a little machine it has turned out to be… Not only has my desk had a bit of a decor revamp (that colour!), but because it has the capability turning from one device into four (you read that right, I said one device into four), I can easily slip it into the nappy bag (it’s that tiny) or into my adult handbag when out on shoots or at meetings.

Acer 1

With an Intel Atom x5 Processor, it’s also fully installed with Windows 10, meaning this magenta machine is ready to go – all the time. With a 10 hour battery life, it acts more like a tablet than a laptop. A touchscreen makes life simply wonderful & I have found going back to my “clanky” Mac very hard (OK… honest moment, I haven’t switched back). The best part of this whole pink experience has been that my Acer Aspire Switch 10E turns into a tablet with one simple click. Following a recipe in the kitchen or simply typing up notes while testing recipes for shoots has become a breeze (more on that later in the week).

Acer 2

Will I endorse this one to all my working mama friends? Oh yes, a big FAT yes. Making mommy (& food styling & blogging) life, a little easier, one click at a time.

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