A Few Basic Bread Making Tips.

April 16, 2016

Fresh bread baking. And freshly brewed coffee. Two smells that make me & many others I’m sure, very happy. Am I right? I hardly ever take the time to bake my own bread. Not because it’s very hard to do, more so because I have a toddler in the house which means my life isn’t my own. But. On the odd occasion when I do decide to get all floured up, there are a few tricks I like to follow (to get the job done – easily). I’ve tried most of these along the years & they seem to work.


Naturally, different types of breads require different techniques. These tips are general rules that apply to bread baking & should (hopefully) get all of us to start loafing around in the kitchen a little bit more…

  • Do pay a little extra for the more “exotic” types of flour – rye, spelt, millet… Check whether they are roller-milled or not – you want to retain all of those wholesome whole grains.
  • If making bread by hand, remember these three tips:
  1. Mix the dough well & leave for 10 minutes before kneading.
  2. After kneading, allow the dough to rise to half it’s size.
  3. Once you have shaped the dough, bake once it has risen by two-thirds, not double.
  • A tray of boiling water placed on the bottom shelf of the oven just before baking helps add a crunchy crust to the finished loaf.
  • Before kneading bread, rub your hands with a bit of oil to prevent too much stickiness.
  • Adding just a tablespoon of vinegar to the dough will result in a soft crumb.




Happy loafing! x

Food Styling: Leila Saffarian. Food Photography: Dylan Swart

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