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Urban Gardening. It’s Just So RAW.

September 24, 2016

So you live in the city. But want to grow your own fresh produce? Ok. But you don’t know that much about gardening. Ok. But. You really want your Instagram feed to be filled with images of your urban garden. Ok. Enter RAW, your urban solution to growing sustainable fresh produce. So get the Wellies out & slip those soft city hands into a pair of rough gardening gloves because your veggie game is about to get strong. The thyme is now.





With over 40 varieties in the launch range, RAW ensures that your veggie garden is a work of modern (& edible) art. From rainbow beetroot to zebra tomatoes & mardis gras beans. Your salads will, without a doubt, make it onto the Buzzfeast list pretty shortly. RAW seeds are perfect for container or small-space growing & consist of non-GMO & Heirloom varieties.


Basically, your kitchen is about to get green, super green – hello fragrant herbs, all of the time.


RAW is available at selected garden centres nationwide. Follow their garden veggie goodness on the RAW Facebook page, as well as their vegetable puns & green fingers fun over on their Instagram feed.

(Images supplied).

Happy Urban Gardening x



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