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This Thing Called The Eat Out Awards

November 11, 2013

Sunday for an awards vibe – typical Cape Town style, typical. I wasn’t really bothered, Monday is a Monday is a Monday for me now that I’m one of those people *freelancers FTW*. Anyway, I attended with two of my best people – the Mandy (+ Bean) & the Francesca. Big 5’s for food & some tipple & a bit of takkie squeaking. Oh & there was also all that chef stuff on the cards…



The Eat Out Awards, the big reveal that many of these foodie types take VERY seriously. Chefs are rock stars, kitchen ninjas / the be all & end all to some. The real edgy ones play up to seeing who can throw the word *fork* (they don’t really say fork but I found it funny – tying into the theme & all that – yes? Yes? Yes *I try guys, I try*) into an acceptance speech with the most amount of ease *tres cool*. You okes are hardcore, hard *forking* core. I myself don’t play into the whole drama that makes up plenty of the SA food scene – is the food nice – yes. Are these ladies & men good at their craft – yes. Simple as that – simple. All the hoohah & flashy lights – it has a place, I get it, I just prefer to concentrate on the grub on my plate. My mind might just be a little too simple for it all. 




Chefs tables were scattered & word on the street (well via anybody who walked past one of these tables) was that tempers were fairly high & chefs were on edge. To be expected really. The vibe was kind of buzzy & the work that went into creating the actual awards ceremony – yoh Eat Out – you guys did good. There were cow heads made from butter guys, butter.

Being a beer girl I did throw out a big smile when I heard that Triggerfish had whipped up a bit of a special brew for the occasion – yes, I liked this. The grub was proper tasty – Instagram was feeling the loving. The ceremony was packed with individual awards before the actual Top 10 Restaurants in South Africa were announced. I’m not going to waft on about every single category. Most people were on the social media front last night & followed the second-by-second Tweets & RT’s.




I suggest a quick click here rather because Eat Out did such a concise job of compiling it all >>>>



So to sum things up: some chefs were happy, others were sad, foodies were mingling & on a culinary high. My tummy was full, I had a truckload of tweeting under my belt, my Instagram feed was looking rad & I had a night of takkie squeaking ahead of me with chefs & a Francesca on the dance floor. The Eat Out Awards were good, they really were & I say mucho big congrats to all the winners & all the nominees.

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