The Board Says: Jasmine Tea Margarita #Olmeca

August 12, 2013

Tidying up I spotted this rad little board I got from @OlmecaTequilaSA – the media launch I blogged about the other day. A sweet board that would find a home in my prop collection – score, it will be loved.  But then I looked a little harder & saw that hey, a recipe was etched into the wood… A recipe for the #Olmeca winning Jasmine Margarita – even more of a delicious score.



I will be whipping a glass or five up in the week. I’m sure you’ll also love it & I’m also certain that the okes @OlmecaTequilaSA wouldn’t mind me spreading their tequila cocktail love. So here we go… Store this one – it was so damn tasty & fragrant!

Jasmine Tea Margarita by @OlmecaTequilaSA #Altos

60 ml #Altos Reposado

30 ml Fresh lime juice

15 ml *Agave Mix*

120 ml Jasmine tea

Combine everything together, mix well & serve chilled. Garnish with Jasmine flowers.

*Agave Mix* Agave syrup & water mixed in a ratio of two parts sweet to one part water. If Agave syrup is hard to come by, substitute for honey.

Happy *sip sipping* 


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