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Paint Colour Swatches. A Pretty Cute Idea.

September 20, 2016

Have you recently renovated a room or your entire home? If you have, then you probably have a load of paint colour swatches lying around. I know I do (I haven’t done any renovating) but combining colour palettes is a necessary part of planning for a shoot. Instead of tossing them out, rather try this pretty neat idea…


Goodby sticky note pieces of paper, hello cute note jotters. Yup, I have these coloured strips of card dotted all over the house with reminder notes scribbled onto them. 0n the fridge. The front door. On Asha’s school bag. I sometimes even pop one or two into Nic’s bag before he leaves for work. I’m a list maker, I might as well have something good to look at while ticking everything off that needs to be done in the day.

AND! It’s a form of recycling, so basically, it’s a win, win.

Happy Note Taking x

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