Mama’s Got A Brand New Toy – Doh!Nuts

July 5, 2013

I usually resist the urge to splash cash  moneys on gimmicky stuffs – usually. Sometimes I can’t look away & a box with a shiny new something in it sings to me. I blame the 4th of July for my weak streak – weak! I was lured into my Rad Find Of The Week… I very nearly bought a mini doughnut maker 2 weeks ago but I put the box down & walked away. That was then, this is now. I caved when I entered Checkers & saw this…

Hello little Ottimo machine.

photo (18)

I’m now mamma to a shiny white doughnut, or as I like to call it Doh!Nut maker. Come on… Those old enough to appreciate the Simpsons & Homer & his beer/ doughnut loving will get it. My batter delights will forever be known as Doh!Nuts. I love a savoury… maybe a beer batter with a spicy cheddar melt on top – yes, yes?!

If you also want to be a Doh!Nut maker… Scoot down to Checkers & make sure you have one hundred & twenty nine rond on hand. If you have that amount then you’ll also enter the realm of Doh!Nut makers- score.

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