When You Don’t Have Time To Bake. Make A Doughnut Cake.

August 15, 2016

We’ve all had those moments (most of us, some of us) where you’ve been required to produce a “wow” sort of birthday cake. I’m not into the novelty or overdecorated cake varieties. A classic strawberries & fresh cream cake. A really great chocolate cake. A orange & ground almond cake. Simple & delicious.

It was Nic’s birthday two weeks ago. He’s a busy dad. I’m a busy mom. You still want to make a birthday effort though. There was no way I had time to get the baking tins & apron out. No way. Now my Nic loves things that have a quirky edge to them ( he loves that so much). So… When you don’t have time to bake… Simply make a doughnut “cake”. Stack. It really is a stack. But a lovely looking stack. The doughnut shop was out of blue… and green… and white… so pink it was. The Happy Birthday candles really made the fake cake look its best though. And my Nic was stoked. Birthday cake hack – sorted!


So if you really are going to cheat the whole cake thing, make sure you opt for great candles. Party Spot has some really flashy ones. But I found the Happy Birthday variety at Westpack Lifestyle. Fitting the word Birthday into one doughnut took a good few minutes of intense skill (it was worth it).

Happy Doughnut Cake (Stack) Munching x

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