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Daniel Wellington And Apple Pie – It Just Works

June 3, 2017

It’s been years since I last wore a watch – years. I first started wearing one when I was about eight or nine years old and the habit stayed with me until I left school. However, with the ruthless onslaught of technology, cellular phones and, and, and… The fact that we are all conditioned to pick up our phones to check the time – it’s a little sad really. Nic & I have both made a conscious effort to reduce the time we spend on our phones and are trying to follow a more analog system of doing things (well as much as possible). So when the team at Daniel Wellington got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in collaborating, I jumped at the opportunity! To be honest, I’d been following their Instagram feed for a while now and had secretly fallen for the brand – their gorgeous flat lay photography had me at hello.

I was able to choose the style of watch I wanted, as opposed to having a generic piece sent my way. After browsing the website, I realised there were quite a few styles I would happily wear on a daily basis. I opted for something classic, timeless and very me. The Classic Petite Durham in Rose Gold is my newest prettiest thing. I adore a classic leather strap and opted for the smaller 32mm watch face. The earthy tones of the rose gold face and leather strap reflect the current Autumn / Winter shades of Cape Town. As Pass The Salt has a strong food focus, I saw some of my favourite treats co-ordinate with those exact colours and had a “where food and fashion meet” moment. Because apple pie, bagels and incredible almond croissants are all within the same colour palette as the DW Classic Petite Durham – all items blended to create beautiful imagery – and who am I to stand in the way of a beautiful Instagram moment?

If you’ve also had your eye on a Daniel Wellington timepiece, now would probably be the right time (watch joke right there) to make that purchase. The lovely DW crew have awarded all Pass The Salt readers and followers a 15% discount on a purchase (I KNOW!) when using the following code: PASSTHESALT – it’s that easy. The discount code is active until the end of June, so hurry, go on, treat yourself!

*A quick side note: Daniel Wellington offers free delivery worldwide, however, custom duties may still apply.* 

Happy Watch Days! x 

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