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Christmas Gifts Sorted Thanks To 1701 Nougat!

November 4, 2016

Choosing Christmas gifts is hard. Especially for the foodies. Do you choose sweet or savoury? Do you bake & make your own? Which wrapping paper is the right wrapping paper? It’s time to relax & put the foodie Christmas gift stress behind you, thanks to the gorgeous 1701 nougat brand.


The packaging is absolutely beautiful, the product – heavenly. Forget everything you know about nougat because 1701 prides itself on using only the finest ingredients.



Their festive feel packaging means the foodies in your life will love you that little bit more when they see a beautiful cracker box of nougat sitting on their present pile. Be sure to follow all of the delicious 1701 confectionary imagery over on the 1701 IG feed (I love the look & feel of all of those marble surfaces).

Happy Nougat Nibbling x

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