Breakfast For Lunch – The Moment I Thought I’d Invented Something New.

January 3, 2014

Breakfast For Lunch - The Moment I Thought I'd Invented Something New.

I woke up grumpy. So there really isn’t anything to see here folks. Nothing. The only small thing I thought I could offer to the world today was swiftly taken away from me…

Breakfast for dinner is one of those life things that makes me happy. I want to walk through 2014 with a ‘shake things up’ attitude. Ja, Ok Leils, you do that. Breakfast for lunch instead of simply for dinner. That’s different. That counts for something. Why isn’t this done on a regular basis? Grumpy face aside, I smiled at my breakfast for lunch board… Heart toast. Again – I ask the question – why am I single? Naturally, I’d never dream of supplying a boy with heart toast – no… dinosaurs are a much better option *I also have an aeroplane cutter somewhere*. People should do this breakfast thing in the afternoon more often. That’s what I was telling a friend over the telephone while I sat & waited for the plumber. “So you mean brunch, people should brunch more often?”. FFS! Friend – you just wrecked my vibe. Brunch. Obviously brunch is already in the world. I hate that you already exist. Whatever.

If you want soft-boiled: Bring a pot of water to the boil – add eggs – lower into the heat – time – 5 minutes – done.

Faux soldiers: The picture should explain everything.

Plumber finally here, gotta go.

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