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December 14, 2015

If you’re a Joburger. Actually, hold that thought. We’re all Joburgers here. I’ll start again. If you’re a Joburger with vibe, a Joburger with a love for all things local. A Joburger who has an eye for detail, an appreciation for creativity, a love for anything unique. If you’re that kind of Joburger then you would have already visited the newly opened Work|Shop|New|Town. If you haven’t, well I’m pretty sure that after reading this & seeing some funky images, you’ll be heading down soon enough.



So what exactly is Work|Shop|New|Town? It’s this, all of these things & probably a little bit more >>

Work | Shop | New | Town is an innovative retail concept housed in the 1911 Potato Sheds at Newtown Junction (that address alone sounds all sorts of yeah).  This year-round retail hub will be the first of its kind in Johannesburg. The concept is to create (& have created) a retail hub to honour the cultural & heritage elements of the Newtown area.


Work | Shop | New | Town offers over 1000 square metres of retail spaces & bespoke lifestyle services. Fashion leads the scene of this interactive & vibey space. Think contemporary design, art, craft, beauty & grooming.


Now you might be thinking why I’m writing about something that is predominantly focused on fashion? Well, Work|Shop|New|Town feels like it’s pulling anybody with the smallest spark of creativity – in whatever their chosen field, to get involved, support & enjoy the concept. I once did a food shoot that was focused on colours & textures that were trending on the fashion scene at the time. How could a creative space like that not be relevant to those who love the colours & textures of food in it’s natural form?You’ll get all sorts of inspiration from wandering around those halls.


My ultimate point…. Get to Work|Shop|New|Town on the 15th of December – it revolves around all things Christmas. Shopping hits a new local level & flavour. The night will be filled with music, fashion, FOOD & WINE, with over 100 South African lifestyle, design & fashion brands present. 

Stay funky everybody. See you at Work|Shop|New|Town

>> Work Shop New Town, Newtown Junction, 100 Carr Street

>> 15 December 2015 

>> 18:00 – 22:00

Visit >>

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